FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Names) in R

By Mango Blogger

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By Steph Locke

Get the fully qualified domain name for your machine

This is just a quick post, to mention how you can get your computer name with the domain it is registered in i.e. Â the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) by using R.

Base R

In Windows to get the computer name in it’s fully qualified form you need to do:


In Linux, you can use:

## [1] ""

Each of these returns an empty string in the other OS so you can concatenate them to get the FQDN.

getFQDN <- function (){
           paste0( paste(Sys.getenv("COMPUTERNAME"),
                 , Sys.getenv("HOSTNAME")
## [1] "slocke.mango.local"

Using iptools

Alternatively, we could use the iptools package (available from CRAN) which now also works in Windows.

## [[1]]
## [1] "slocke.Mango.local"

For more info on iptools, check out the GitHub repo.

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