Clean Your Data in Seconds with This R Function

By Naeemah Aliya Small

(This article was first published on R Programming – DataScience+, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

All data needs to be clean before you can explore and create models. Common sense, right. Cleaning data can be tedious but I created a function that will help.

The function do the following:

  • Clean Data from NA’s and Blanks
  • Separate the clean data – Integer dataframe, Double dataframe, Factor dataframe, Numeric dataframe, and Factor and Numeric dataframe.
  • View the new dataframes
  • Create a view of the summary and describe from the clean data.
  • Create histograms of the data frames.
  • Save all the objects

This will happen in seconds.


First, load Hmisc package. I always save the original file.
The code below is the engine that cleans the data file.


The function

The function is below. You need to copy the code and save it in an R file. Run the code and the function cleanme will appear.


Type in and run:


When all the data frames appear, type to load the workspace as objects.



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