R Course in Rio de Janeiro

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R Course in Rio de Janeiro

We are preparing an R for Data-Science course (direct link here) in partnership with the IBPAD (Brazilian Institute of Research and Data Analysis). It is a great course for those who want to have a solid start in R. No prior knowledge in statistics, calculus or programming is required.

The course starts in October 16th and it has a duration of three weeks (every Monday to Wednesday). The classes are in Portuguese. These are some of the topics:

  • What is R: Motivation and uses
  • RStudio
  • Creating your first objects
  • R packages
  • Data import and export
  • Object types
  • Data Frames: Manipulating and transforming your data
  • Statistical functions for descriptive analysis
  • Plots
  • Data visualization using ggplot2
  • Welcome to the community: Stack Overflow, Tidyverse, R-Bloggers, Books
  • Defining functions
  • Ifelse and loops
  • The Apply family
  • Regression and principal components analysis

For more information you can visit the IBPAD website. If you do not live in Rio, you may be able to find courses in your city.

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