Going to Strata / Hadoop World 2017 San Jose?

By John Mount

Are you attending or considering attending Strata / Hadoop World 2017 San Jose? Are you interested in learning to use R to work with Spark and h2o? Then please consider signing up for my 3 1/2 hour workshop soon. We are about half full now, but I really want to fill the room, while making sure that people who really want to go get in.

Win-Vector LLC is partnering with RStudio to produce and present some awesome material that will allow you to perform data science at scale using R to control Spark and even h2o.

The link to event is below. To make sure you get to participate please sign up soon!

Modeling big data with R, sparklyr, and Apache Spark

Strata & Hadoop World West, Tuesday March 14, 2017 1:30pm–5:00pm, San Jose Convention Center, CA, Location: LL21 C/D. Win-Vector LLC’s John Mount will teach how to use R to control big data analytics and modeling. In depth training to prepare you to use R, Spark, sparklyr, h2o, and rsparkling.

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