Delaware River Water Quality Visualization App

By AdventuresInData

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) just released a new app for visualizing water quality in the Delaware River Basin. The DRBC Special Protection Waters Monitoring Program Explorer is a Shiny app that allows users to generate a boxplot and summary table of selected water quality data. The boxplot and summary table are updated each time the user selects monitoring parameter, range of years, and site type. In addition, users can display outliers (or not) and switch to logarithmic scale. The app includes links to project information and definitions.

You can view the app here (

DRBC’s Special Protection Waters (SPW) program, adopted in 1992 and expanded in 2008, prevents degradation of the Delaware River and its non-tidal tributaries where existing water quality is better than water quality standards. SPW applies from Hancock, NY to Trenton, NJ. DRBC partners with the National Park Service for monitoring and assessment. Click ( to learn more about SPW.

Many thanks and to my colleague for sharing.

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