Power BI custom visuals, based on R

By David Smith

You’ve been able to include user-defined charts using R in Power BI dashboards for a while now, but a recent update to Power BI includes seven new custom charts based on R in the customs visuals gallery. You can see the new chart types by visiting the Power BI Custom Visuals Gallery and clicking on the “R-powered visuals” tab.

The new custom visuals are listed below. Click on the visual names to see an example, and click on the “GitHub” link at the bottom of the pop-up to see the actual R code used.

You can also combine custom R charts with other Power BI tools to create interactive R charts. A favorite of mine is the Timeline slicer, which allows you to select a range from a date variable. (The dashboard, including the R charts, is updated using only data from the date range you select.) You can also use the built-in date slicer for similar effect, and Tomaž Kaštrun demonstrates how to combine it with a custom R chart in his blog post R graphs and Tables in Power BI Desktop.

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